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Editorial illustrations for The Wireless' Election issue.

Topics (top to bottom):
Economy, Equality, Housing, Education, Environment. 

Process gifs and whatnot over HERE

Unused title card animation for Benny Tipene’s new music video. Posted it cuz I like it and I do what I want. 

'Fortune' themed Illustration work for The Wireless - May 2014

jasfro asked: Hey man, just curious about your workflow and what programs you use? From sketchbook then mainly illustrator? Chur!

Heya. It varies pretty wildly, depending on the project and my mood. A lot of my older stuff was drawn in Flash but these days it’s generally Photoshop or Manga Studio. If something has a lot of text I’ll sometimes lay that out in Illustrator, but generally it’s all Photoshop. 

I made this for super cool director guy Liam Bachler. You may remember the type from a few posts back. If not, scroll down lazy. They’re raising funds for the special effects etc on PledgeMe. 
scribbling this out cheered me up
illustrated title/logo for The Oh Four
Title/Logo for a forthcoming film, ‘Heartbeat’. 

Movie title design for 48 Hours NZ 2014

Title design for production collective  'Cinema In Decline'.

Deep End film title for 48 Hours NZ 2014.