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illustrated title/logo for The Oh Four
Title/Logo for a forthcoming film, ‘Heartbeat’. 

Movie title design for 48 Hours NZ 2014

Title design for production collective  'Cinema In Decline'.

Deep End film title for 48 Hours NZ 2014. 

Poster for ace comedian Joseph Moore’s NZ Comedy Fest 2014 show. 
Die! Die! Die! Australian tour poster 2014 
Another old thing. I’d totally forgotten about this poster… I made it for my old band in 2008. vague memories that it never saw the light of day for some reason. Either way, was cool to find it again as this was easily the most fun show we played. People actually sang along which was quite a novelty for us. People rocking out. People sitting on shoulders moshing. Good as.
Forgot I drew all those icons too. Geeze… Go Brain!
I found this old illustration while poking around an old drive and figured I’d post it cuz I like it. I used to draw this character a lot. 
Jarrod Baker - ‘We Are All Doomed’ poster for NZ International Comedy Fest 2014
Rage Face poster for Leaving Party Theatre