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Unused title card animation for Benny Tipene’s new music video. Posted it cuz I like it and I do what I want. 

'Fortune' themed Illustration work for The Wireless - May 2014

jasfro asked: Hey man, just curious about your workflow and what programs you use? From sketchbook then mainly illustrator? Chur!

Heya. It varies pretty wildly, depending on the project and my mood. A lot of my older stuff was drawn in Flash but these days it’s generally Photoshop or Manga Studio. If something has a lot of text I’ll sometimes lay that out in Illustrator, but generally it’s all Photoshop. 

I made this for super cool director guy Liam Bachler. You may remember the type from a few posts back. If not, scroll down lazy. They’re raising funds for the special effects etc on PledgeMe. 
scribbling this out cheered me up
illustrated title/logo for The Oh Four
Title/Logo for a forthcoming film, ‘Heartbeat’. 

Movie title design for 48 Hours NZ 2014

Title design for production collective  'Cinema In Decline'.

Deep End film title for 48 Hours NZ 2014. 

Poster for ace comedian Joseph Moore’s NZ Comedy Fest 2014 show.